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Shruti Poddar is a Teacher of Indian Wisdom, an internationally recognized Nada (sound) healer, musician and educationist, and facilitates training and healing and as a Mentor, Healer, Wellness consultant, Life Coach and Faculty Trainer. She has been exploring the potential of Indian Sonic and Vibrational Sciences and their scientific applications in the wellness of mind and body.
Shruti pioneered NADA VIBRONICS, the vibration-healing ecosystem for wellness and cure of autoimmune health conditions. Her healing audios are used by individuals, medical, educational and research institutions worldwide. She has been conducting clinical studies on the effects of Beeja Mantra on children with asthma and other lung disorders in collaborations with scientific research institutions. She was awarded for her work in with healing music and international cultural relations by the Govt. of India and diaspora institutions since 2002. She has recently been appointed as chairperson of the National Ruling Party’s Committee on Indian Systems of Wellness and Medicine (ISOWAM)- (Micro and Small Industry Cell)

Shruti Poddar founded the SHRUTI FOUNDATION (since 2006), for promoting wellness, value based leadership, education, skills training for youth and women’s empowerment. She is convenes the foundation’s WE-ASC “Education Culture” Congresses for global advocacy of human values, holistic education, pedagogy and local learning paradigms. The foundation’s INSTITUTE FOR LIVING VALUES (I-LIV), evolves Value based learning systems and curriculum for educational and management institutions, skills training for local communities and leadership training for corporates, institutions and international organisations. She draws her inspirations from Indian knowledge systems and gives public talks on the Bhagavad-Gita, Upanishads, Vedic, Shakta and other Mantric knowledge systems with a contemporary, spiritual, scientific and psychological approach in understanding the human mind and its applications in self-management and leadership.

Ms. Poddar has been facilitating international cultural events, cross-cultural exchange and global student exchange programs between UK and India. She founded THE NADA CHOIR in Belfast, a multicultural Choir, for promoting Inter-cultural harmony through world music. She has been a fellow Anthropologist at Queens University, Belfast and is Patron of the Inter-faith Forum in Northern Ireland.

Shruti Poddar is deeply involved with revival of villages in the spectacular Shekhawati region of Rajasthan, with a view to encourage preservation of cultural heritage and knowledge systems as well as provide leadership and skills training for local youth and women through the foundation’s “RAMGARH VILLAGE REVIVAL INITIATIVE”. She is also the ASSOCHAM Ladies League Chairperson (Shekhawati Chapter). Shruti founded “SALUTING HER ENDEAVOUR (SHE) WORLDWIDE”, a humanitarian effort by women of South Asian subcontinent and Diaspora.
www.shrutinada.com, www.shrutifoundation.org, www.we-asc.org, www.she-worldwide.org

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